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Mark N. Akers

Mark is an award winning woodcarver and has been carving for a little over twenty years.  He is a member of The National WoodCarvers Association as well as many local woodcarving clubs.  A self-taught carver, who is well known for his distinctive clean-cut style of carving.  He enhances his self-taught style by hosting and attending seminars often taught by professional carvers.  Mark is well known for his Wood Spirit Faces which he portrays in wall hangings, masks, and brooms.  His Wood Spirit Faces appear most often in butternut, cottonwood bark, bristlecone pine, and basswood.  After carving some are finished with a brushing of linseed oil while others are touched with acrylics.  Although they are all Wood Spirit Faces, Mark's artistic eye ensures each finished piece is an entirely different work of art.  Mark also enjoys carving caricatures, Christmas ornaments, elves, gnomes, and Santas for which he has won numerous awards.

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Watch our exclusive interview with award winning caricature carver Mark Akers.

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Carved from a block (not a roughout), This Civil War Bust was created as an entry into the  CCA National Competition. In this 2 DVD set, find out how Mark creates his excellent face detail, as well as his techniques for carving hair, clothes, eyes and buttons. This carving is from a blank piece of wood, not a roughout. It can be made into a bust or bottle stopper.

Carving a Wood Spirit in Cotton Wood Bark

Coming Soon

Mark is known as a caricature carver but he started out carving Wood Spirit Faces. Using his usual insight and teaching skill, Mark shows you how to lay out the face, rough out the carving all the way to detailing an excellent Wood Spirit Face. Learn how to carve Cotton Wood Bark like an expert. You'll learn to create Wood Spirits that you'll be proud to show your friends.

Carving an Elf Ornament

Coming Soon

Every year Mark creates a new Christmas Ornament. This year he has designed a hanging Elf Ornament. With his usual detail, Mark teaches you his step-by-step process of creating an excellent caricature face. From big ears, beard to eyes and hat, you'll learn to carve this ornament like a pro.

Mark is known for his face and eye detail. In this video get an up close look at how he creates such wonderful detail. Mark also shows you how to carve a shirt with collar and how to make a button. Hair detail and clothing wrinkles are also discussed.
This santa bust was created as an entry into the 2008 CCA Competition and the 2008 Santa Carving Contest. Find out how Mark creates his excellent face detail, as well as his techniques for carving hair, clothes and buttons.





See Mark carve a Santa Christmas Ornament from an available roughout. See his techniques for carving hair and eyes, as well as adding folds to clothing such as Santas hat.
See how Mark paints and finishes his carvings. Mark walks you through step by step instructions on how to achieve the look that he is so known for.