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Relief Carving

Now Available

From making a pattern on the computer to the finished carving, Dylan makes it easy to hone you relief carving skills. He shows you how to make and print your pattern. He then shows you how to rough out the pattern either by hand or with power. Dylan does an excellent job taking you step-by-step until you get an excellent final piece. 

Weather you're a novice, intermediate or expert, your sure to learn many useful skills and techniques in this video. Christina shows you her self taught process for creating masterful relief panel doors.




Now Available
Have you ever wanted to carve the face of someone you know? Have you ever tried to carve realistic proportions of the human face? Well now is your chance. Larry is known for taking a photograph and turning it into a wonderful work of art. In this DVD, you'll learn how to layout the proportions of the face and then he walks you through his process of turning a simple piece of wood into the face of someone you know.