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Mark N. Akers Now Available

Mark is an award winning woodcarver and has been carving for a little over twenty years.  He is a member of The National WoodCarvers Association as well as many local woodcarving clubs.  A self-taught carver, who is well known for his distinctive clean-cut style of carving.  He enhances his self-taught style by hosting and attending seminars often taught by professional carvers.  Mark is well known for his Wood Spirit Faces which he portrays in wall hangings, masks, and brooms.  His Wood Spirit Faces appear most often in butternut, cottonwood bark, bristlecone pine, and basswood.  After carving some are finished with a brushing of linseed oil while others are touched with acrylics.  Although they are all Wood Spirit Faces, Mark's artistic eye ensures each finished piece is an entirely different work of art.  Mark also enjoys carving caricatures, Christmas ornaments, elves, gnomes, and Santas. Mark is the 2007 National Santa Carving Contest Winner.



Steve Brown Now Available

Steve, a native of Madisonville, KY, began carving in 1977. Specializing in caricature carving, he has won numerous national and international awards. Steve is fast becoming one of America’s most respected carvers. Although, best known for his caricatures, he is equally talented at carving realistic figures. Steve offers private lessons, conducts several seminars annually and is the author of Carving Pen Figures and Carving Figural Kaleidoscopes.

Over the years, Steve has accumulated many awards. A few of the more notable ones are: 1st place - Human Figures Caricatures Painted, 15" &Under, 1st place - Human Figures Bust Caricatures Painted, 1st place - Human Figures over 15" Caricature Painted, 1st place - Human Figures Bust Caricature Natural Finish, Overall Caricature winner (All Categories), and the Henry Taylor Award for Woodcarving. Steve is a member of the Caricature Carvers of America.


Keith Dalton Now Available

Keith Dalton has been carving since 2001. He grew up around carvers but never took up the craft until recouperating from a knee injury. He started carving with just one basic knife and has now switched over to being a power carver. Keith has competed in many competitions, winning many first place ribbons including Best of Open. Watch Keith’s fun and easy way to carve critters, including detailed instruction on burning fur and painting the final carving.




Gary Falin Now Available

Gary has been a consistent blue ribbon winner at the International Woodcarving Congress, Dayton Artistry in Wood Show, and his home show at Dollywood. Gary won a Second Best of Show at the first CCA National Caricature Competition at Branson in 2002 and was the Best of Show winner in the 2003 CCA competition at Dollywood. 


Gary is a very versatile carver. Not only has he been a consistent winner in the whittling competition at Dollywood but also a regular winner in Dollywood’s Great Pumpkin Carving Competition. In addition, he demonstrated pumpkin carving at Dollywood’s Harvest Festival for five years. He has become nationally known and was a featured carver in the book “Carving Found Wood” and has also written two step-by-step articles,  “Pass the Bacon”, for Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine. Gary is a member of the Caricature Carvers of America.



Allen Goodman Now Available

Allen is a woodcarver, knife maker and tool sharpener, and likes to teach classes on caricatures, woodspirits, etc. He was featured in CARVING magazine, carving cool little caricatures called "shelf elves". Allen has competed in numerous competition throughout the US, winning many awards. He also creates short little instructional carving videos on Youtube.

Dylan Goodson Now Available

Dylan Goodson is a self-taught woodcarver, born and raised in the woods of Coosa County, Alabama. He has always enjoyed making things, and since he had an ample supply of sticks and wood, he made lots of wooden boats and other toys as a child. In 2000, at age 14, he checked out every book in the public library about woodcarving. Since then he has carved a wide range of subjects, from human figures to miniature animals, but he's found the most success with his pictorial relief scenes. In the fall of 2007, he taught his first class on relief carvings. Since then he's taught several classes around Alabama. He has also exhibited his work around the eastern United States, garnering top awards at some of the major woodcarving shows.


Larry Nowell  Now Available

Larry, from Knoxville, TN, is well known for his sculptured portraits in wood. He has carved with Vic Hood, John Burke and Neil Cox. He recently completed training at the Geisler-Moroder Austrian Woodcarving School located in Austria. His portrait carving classes have been featured several times in Chip Chats, the National Association of Woodcarvers' magazine. He always tells me that he has carved with the best and the worst now he wants to carve with you! His wife says she thinks he likes teaching even more than he likes carving. He is easy going and has a great sense of humor so carving with Larry is always fun. He may explain how to sharpen your tools or explain how you take the grain of the wood into account in carving, but he does not give lectures. His teaching style is to assist and coach students at whatever skill level they are--from beginner to experienced.


Wayne Shinlever Now Available

He has been carving since 1985 and loves it more with every passing year. Not only does he carve for the enjoyment, but he also passes along the craft to others by teaching carving classes. For the last 10 years he has taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brass Town, NC. As well as the Tennessee Valley Wood Carver School in Crossville, TN. Also the Wood Crafts Shop in Knoxville, TN. In addition to various private clubs up and down the Eastern coast.

He has won more competition ribbons than he can keep up with. In the National Santa Claus Carving Competition he has received 2 Honorable Mentions in 4 years of entries. However, in 2006 he walked away with the Grand Prize in the competition! His entries into the International Caricature Carvers Competition have earned a 2nd and 3rd best in show. In 2008 he was the Winner of the CCA Best of Show award.


Christina White
  Now Available

Christina White has owned and operated a gallery and studio complex in Dahlonega, Georgia since 1995 called the Funky Chicken Art Project.  The gallery hosts a woodcarvers gathering once a month on the third Saturday.  She is a self-taught woodcarver, and her relief carving entries have been recognized with first place recognition in competitions.  She teaches in her studio as well as other venues in the Southeast, and is scheduled to teach in Cortona, Italy in October of 2010.  She has recently published a step by step article for Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine on relief carving fairy doors. 

 “I grew up holding the other end of boards for my father in his woodworking shop, and the smell of wood and sawdust just got into my veins. The practical side of carving in relief has been incorporated into furniture, boxes, cabinets, trim, door headers, and stairwells all around my own house, and helping other carvers enhance their surroundings with carved pieces continues to inspire me with new designs.”