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Wayne Shinlever

He has been carving since 1985 and loves it more with every passing year. Not only does he carve for the enjoyment, but he also passes along the craft to others by teaching carving classes. For the last 10 years he has taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brass Town, NC. As well as the Tennessee Valley Wood Carver School in Crossville, TN. Also the Wood Crafts Shop in Knoxville, TN. In addition to various private clubs up and down the Eastern coast.

He has won more competition ribbons than he can keep up with. In the National Santa Claus Carving Competition he has received 2 Honorable Mentions in 4 years of entries. However, in 2006 he walked away with the Grand Prize in the competition! His entries into the International Caricature Carvers Competition have earned a 2nd and 3rd best in show. In 2008 he was the Winner of the CCA - 1st Best of Show.

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Carving a Sleepy Santa


See Wayne carve his Sleepy Santa that won the 2008 CCA National Championship. Starting from a roughout, Wayne shows you how to carve a Santa face, hair and beard. Then Wayne shows you how to carve hands, clothes and wrinkles. Then he teaches you how to carve the candle that Santa is holding. This is a 2 DVD set and comes with a pattern and color pictures of the finished carving.

Carving Christmas Ornaments 

Watch Wayne Shinlever carve 2 different Santa Ornaments. You can carve these from roughouts or one can be carved from a basswood egg and the other from a block of wood. Wayne, starting from a roughout, shows you how to make closed and open eyes. He also shows you how to make a mouth with or without teeth. You'll be an expert in no time following Wayne's award winning techniques.

See Wayne demonstrate his techniques for detailing hair, faces and clothing, with this Cowboy. He takes you from roughing out to carving facial detail to clothing and everywhere in-between.

Wayne's Conventional Santa is in Carving Magazine - Holiday 09 issue.
See Wanye carve his most requested carving. Wayne is known for his Santa's. He has a way of carving eyes on his Santa's that make them look extremely happy. You will also see him carve a full Santa suit, including fur, belt, boots and wrinkles.

Wayne's Glass Santa Ornament is in Woodcarving Illustrated- Holiday 09 issue.

In this DVD, Wayne demonstrates how to make a quick and easy Santa face. The way Wayne carves and paints this ornament makes it look like it is made of glass. See his requested technique for carving hair and mustaches, as well as a full santa face.
Tired of carving all your figures with facial hair? Afraid of detailing faces? Wayne makes it simple to achieve award winning detail in this DVD. He takes a traditional Christmas ornament and puts his little spin on it. Eliminating the mustache, adding a full mouth and adding some work on the cheeks helps this Elf look like he's laughing.

See Wayne demonstrate his National Award Winning technique for painting and finishing his carvings. Wayne is known for the special look of his finished pieces. He likes the wood grain to show through all his carvings and has developed a technique that allows that look to shine through.