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We filmed 3 new videos with Mark which will start to be available in the Spring of 2011. A Civil War Bust, a Wood Spirit in Cotton Wood Bark, and An Elf Ornament. See Mark demonstrate his techniques for detailing eyes, ears, hair and other facial details on his award winning Caricatures. Mark is the 2007 National Santa Carving Contest Winner, and has won numerous ribbons at the National CCA Show. Marks Civil War Bust can be seen in issue #33 of Carving Magazine.

Carving with Steve Brown
We filmed 4 new DVD's with Steve this summer. Carving a Face Study stick is the first. In this DVD Steve teaches you a step-by-step process to make faces and have your own learning aid when your done. The 2nd is Carving a Wizard from a Block. In this DVD Steve shows you how to make a great Mythical Wizard from a block using just 5 carving tools. The third video is Carving a Pirate, which is a detailed look at how to carve his Pirate from Carving Magazine. The 4th DVD shows you how to carve your own custom gouge handles. This will make you the envy of all your carving friends.

Weather you're a novice, intermediate or expert, your sure to learn many useful skills and techniques in this video. These Fairy Doors were featured inWoodcarving Illustrated Magazine and are very popular. If you have never tried relief carving, now is your chance.

Have you ever wanted to carve the face of someone you know? Have you ever tried to carve realistic proportions of the human face? Well now is your chance. Larry is known for taking a picture and turning it into a wonderful work of art. In this DVD, you'll learn how to layout the proportions of the face and then he walks you through his process of turning a simple piece of wood into the face of someone you know.

Have you ever wanted to relief carve but didn't know where to start? Have you ever looked at a relief carving and wondered "how did they do that"?

Expert carver Dylan Goodson takes you on and epic journey in this

7 HOUR long series. Dylan literally shows you  step-by-step instructions on how to relief carve like a pro. From printing out the pattern, to 2 different roughing out processes, to background, foreground and in between. These DVD's will take you from beginner to intermediate and show you how to carve like a pro.


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Click here to find more information on how we can make your Woodcarving Video or contact us at the address below.
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